Why Does My Dog Lick Everything

I once had a dog constantly licked me, my guest, and anything that he encounters. At first, I thought that it was cute, but my friends and family had enough doggie kisses. I became aware that this was a problem when he began to lick the carpet and himself excessively. It had me asking Why Does My Dog Lick Everything Could this be a mental condition, or an anxiety issue. I did some research, and this is what I’ll share with you.

Is It A Friendly Gesture

I was always told that if a dog licks you this means that he likes you. Well, this is true it is a socialization gesture that dogs pick up as puppies. Their mothers lick them all the time. It is similar to why cats knead everything. It brings them comfort because it reminds them of kneading their mother for milk as kittens.

So, when dogs lick it rings them comfort. If a dog is unsure of his surroundings and lick himself or others around him to get comfortable. Licking is also a way that dogs greet others in their packs, it can be a submissive behavior. In wild dog packs the others will lick the leader to show that they are the subordinate.  Dogs even like the taste of our skin. With the different toxins that we excrete may give off a salty taste that dogs like.

There are also some medical reasons that dogs lick. If he has a cut, and it is infected. Dogs with fleas may bite and lick the selves excessively to stop itching and irritation. He may have a skin irritation, or allergies.

When we are talking about domestic dogs; yes, it is true that licking can be a friendly. With that being said; there are other reasons that dogs lick. Here are a few of them here;

  • It brings them comfort
  • The way that dogs greet others
  • unsure of his surroundings
  • anxious and needs to calm themselves
  • They like the taste
  • Having an injury
  • allergies
  • Fleas

Dog with pain often lick the area that is inflicted

What To Do If He Licks Too Much

So, when does licking becomes a problem? As I mentioned before I became aware my dog had a problem when he began to lick the carpet. I’m no expert. I’m not a vet. This the method that worked for me, and it might work for you too.

When I caught him licking excessively guest, I gently pushed his head and said no in a calm voice. Continued to do this, whenever I see him. He quickly caught on, but he still insisted on licking the sofa. I tried the calm no method, and it’ll work for a while. Then he start back licking. I thought that someone wasted something on it so I washed the seat cover. He continued to lick it. It baffled me I didn’t know what to do. So, I took him to my vet. I told her what was going on and she ran some test to make sure that he didn’t have any vitamin deficiencies. Everything came back normal.

I did some more research and I found this article: https://dogcare.dailypuppy.com/stop-dog-licking-furniture-1099.html. In this article it talked about how to stop a dog from licking furniture. One of the parts talked about licking deterrent spray, and boredom in dogs. I didn’t even think that dogs could get bored. Then I thought about it. I worked a lot and when I came home, I was tired. So, I didn’t exercise him as much as I should. I hired my neighbor to walk him while I was at work. And it worked, not all the time, but most of the time it did. I still invested in some licking deterrent spray just in case. Dogs naturally use licking to communicate, so it cant be completely stopped, but it can be managed. Especially if there is an underlying reason for the excessive licking. I hope that this article has helped you. If it has; leave a comment down below.