Review of the Purina Second Nature Dog Litter Box System

I raised a chocolate labrador dog who spent most of his life living in a high-rise condominium. When i got her i dreaded the thought of  having to take her down an elevator to go potty. So, I trained them to use newspapers in a spare bathroom. Since he was initially paper trained a puppy, I chose to continue this method for them. Indoor newspapers worked quite well for awhile. The only problem was the smell and mess. I had to place plastic liners under the newspaper or the ink would be imprinted on the tiles of my bathroom. On some occasions, urine puddles would flow off the papers as well as the liner resulting in situations which required immediate cleaning since urine became trapped between the plastic liner and the floor. Despite all of this I was still determined to use the newspaper.

The Next Chapter

After later my precious Missy passed away i took a break from being a dog owner. A couple of years later I was visiting home. My sister and I, went to the pet store to buy dog food. As we went in they were having an onsite dog adoption day. I told myself after Missy wasn’t getting another dog anytime soon. But this cute little  fluffy puppy came to me and started to chew on my shoe lace. I tried to walk away but he followed me. So the whole time my sister was in the store i was out playing with this puppy. So, long story made short i adopted him. I had made up my mind to train my new pup to use papers indoors as well.

Doggie Litter Boxes! Who Knew?

One day visiting a friend I saw her cat use the litter box. Then I had this thought, “why can’t my dog use the litter box?” I thought for sure i was on to something the big new idea of mine was going to make me rich. Well, to my surprise it wasn’t original, I did research and there litter boxes for dogs everywhere. As i kept looking it turns out that Purina had come out with a new litter box system.

It was called Second Nature designed for specifically for dogs. It was basically modeled after similar setups for cats but the dog litter consists of large pellets made up of recycled newsprint. Purina also introduced a litter box that has one side cut away lower to facilitate easy entry for dogs. The product is now very popular especially among small dog owners living in apartments and high-rise condominiums without easy access to outdoors.

Litter Box Training

Purina recommends a slow transition from papers to their Second Nature system by placing newspapers over their dog litter at first. The company also suggests crate training at the same time but instead of taking the dogs outside, they are taken to the litter box. Newspapers are also placed all around the floor area of the litter box itself. My puppy needed some time to get use to the box so while they were being introduced to it, they were eliminating on the newspapers, and as well as inside the litter box. Once they got use to the idea of going inside the box more often the newspaper was gradually made smaller. When they started to use the litter box all the time, the newspapers on the floors were gone for good.

The next step was for them to get use to the actual pellets of the litter. Since there were still newspapers covering the dog litter, the puppies were still technically using papers but at least they were getting accustomed to stepping on the pellets underneath. Papers inside the box were gradually reduced a bit at a time exposing more dog litter. Over a few weeks, the puppies gradually saw more dog litter than newspaper inside the box. Eventually, all newspapers were totally eliminated as my lhasa apsos finally got used to the box filled with litter only.

My Opinion of The Litter Box System

In my mind, the litter box system is less messy. The Second Nature pellets absorb the urine much better than normal newspapers, but the feces stay inside the box. There was only one problem that I had with this litter box system. It was that my pup would chew on the pellets, but it’s not harmful dogs since they are just compressed papers. In conclusion the Purina Second Nature Dog Litter Box System is an great alternative to going outdoors for elimination. I would definitely recommend the Purina Second Nature dog litter system to other breed dog owners.

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