Dog Health: Can Our Pups Heal Themselves Naturally

Questions we’ve asked

What is the foundation for your dog to have exceptional dog health?  Are there certain steps that you need to take to ensure that you are taking good care of your dog? For years we have asked ourselves these questions. For millions of years, dogs have evolved natural ways of maintaining their health.  As long as condition permits, a dog’s natural defense works on cells, organs, and even molecules to repair and heal themselves.  Over the course of time, we have developed countless ways and methods of caring for our dog’s health.  However, natural dog health care should always lean towards harnessing these evolutionary natural defenses rather than depressing them.

Natural Healing

Natural dog health healing can be observed at a visible level.  When your dog suffers a skin puncture; you can see the skin naturally repairing itself over the next two weeks.  You can watch and be amazed to see as the damage gradually disappears.  The inflammation causes a scab. Under the scab the new skin will grow.

Proper dog health begins with the knowledge and understanding on the natural healing that takes place in their bodies.  Every second of every day of your dog’s life, its body is defending and repairing itself.  Cells, organs, and molecules are capable of self diagnosis.  When all other body functions are working well, your dog’s body recognizes damage and then immediately starts to repair, remove, or replace that damage.  This is the basis of a good dog health.

Dogs are very efficient is healing themselves.  But is our job to create and maintain the right conditions in which their bodies are able to self-repair and heal naturally.  This can be accomplished by giving our dogs a good dog health diet.  Regular exercise is also vital for their mental and physical health.

A consultation with your vet is necessary in regards to prescribing medications that would help their bodies overcome attack or organ failure.  A vet consultation is also needed in maintaining good dog health should surgical intervention become necessary, such as setting a broken bone for example.

Our responsibility as dog owners as well as our vet is to provide the best dog health care possible and to give our dogs the proper circumstances so that they can maintain and live long with exceptional dog health. So How Do We Achieve Natural Healing? A healthy dog starts out with a well balanced diet. Natural dog food, and the proper amount of exercise.

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